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Thanks For The Feedback

The Rejuvenate lotion is the most amazing product I have ever used. I have been trying all sorts of products for a few dry patches on my face with no success, and this has been the only product that has worked. I used it on our oldest daughter, as she has some pretty bad eczema patches and in one use of the lotion it was almost 100% gone. Dana Garaventa Nappa Valley, CA USA   I received your product "Rejuvenate" as a Christmas gift this year and love it.  I use it on my daughter daily as she has dry patches...

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Where Has The Time Gone

My company struggled with supply chain issues, packaging issues and conflicts in many of the areas that my ingredients are grown in; Africa and Asia mostly.  As the ingredients are organic I also struggled to get the same quality of ingredients for each batch.  Grape seed oil for instance is usually golden and we were receiving supply that was greener in colour.  Extremely frustrating as I explained I cannot have a different colour batch every time in production.       I did decide to make some changes to the scent of all my products based on customer feedback. We...

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Drug Store Chain

A national drug store chain we met with in 2011 for instance were willing to try my line with the following conditions; we provide inventory for all there 2000+ stores, accept net 180 (6 months to get paid), and accept any inventory returns if they do not sell well within the 6 months at our expense for shipping.  Wow was my thoughts exactly. We would have considered it as a test if we could pick and choose some of the geographies to try and not have to commit to all the 2000 + stores.  They would also credit a percentage...

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Sun Screen Development

Sun Screen Development - for the past 2 years we have tried to develop a natural sun screen with a minimum SPF 30 and h ave been unsuccessful in finding a consistency that I am happy with and would use on my own kids. The net is either the screen is too greasy and feels like a coat on the skin or too zinc link and not natural and organic enough to meet our quality standards. I have decided to put that project on hold as the technology in plant extracts advances and hopefully we find other natural elements that have...

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5 Corporate Missteps on Leaning In – Are we our own worst enemy?

The things I agree with about her observations. 1.        I have never renegotiated my pay increase with my boss.  For some reason either I was scared or trusted that they were doing their best on my behalf.  2.       I never went around the office self-promoting myself like my male peers.  I just worked harder, was smarter and expected management to notice the effort and reward it accordingly.  For whatever reason I was not crazy about women who always talked up themselves instead of their team.  I still feel this way and am not sure if this has hurt me or...

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