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5 Corporate Missteps on Leaning In – Are we our own worst enemy?

The things I agree with about her observations.

1.        I have never renegotiated my pay increase with my boss.  For some reason either I was scared or trusted that they were doing their best on my behalf. 

2.       I never went around the office self-promoting myself like my male peers.  I just worked harder, was smarter and expected management to notice the effort and reward it accordingly.  For whatever reason I was not crazy about women who always talked up themselves instead of their team.  I still feel this way and am not sure if this has hurt me or helped me.  

3.       I have never asked anyone male or female to mentor me.

4.       I took time out to re-evaluate my priorities when I had my son at 39 years old. I had opportunities to climb but choose not to jump on them as I was going to try have a family. 

5.       I had been working solidly for 22 years when I had my son and took the year off. I started my skincare company while on maternity leave with no regrets.

6.       I have felt women to be way harder on each other than men ever are.  I have felt we (the female species) are way more judgemental on each other then we are on men.  I still feel this way.

7.       There are few women that are successful that are likeable and I am not sure why that is??

I often struggle with this as I have a daughter now who is 3 and is a natural leader.  I want her to be liked for her accomplishments not because of what she wears or how she looks. There are so few great role models for her and I truly believe that is something that needs to change for all women.

Can you name some women you like that are very accomplished?  Comment or post or your chance to win Diane Lai Rejuvenate Daily  Moisturizer.

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