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Allergy Friendly Pets

Jack went on a school trip to a reptile zoo and fell in love with the turtles and geckos.  I thought it was just a phase. As he understands that anything furry makes him cough and sneeze asking for a turtle or gecko was a sure thing in his mind.  I hoped it was a phase. We started acquiring the equipment needed to house one of these pets and hoped he would lose interest. We were given a 10oz tank and he cleaned it and washed it every day promising to take very good care of his pet.  Then we figured ok he would have to hold it before we actually spend the $ 79.99 on a gecko yes you heard me $ 80.00 plus tax for just the gecko – not the tank, sand, heating pad, heat lamp and cricket cage needed to care for the thing.   

When it came time to hold the lizard he was MIA and had no interest.  Switching strategies all begging and pleading now focused on acquiring a turtle.  After learning that turtles carry salmonella and grow very quickly unless $200 + dollars is spent  on special  non  huge growing turtles we opted for a lizard.   

We are now the proud owners of a leopard gecko named “Weeir” that my husband James holds and feeds.  My son Jack is yet to touch it after 3 weeks in our home.  I now have to buy bugs bring them into our home, feed them so our pet Weeir can eat live food.   


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