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Drug Store Chain

A national drug store chain we met with in 2011 for instance were willing to try my line with the following conditions; we provide inventory for all there 2000+ stores, accept net 180 (6 months to get paid), and accept any inventory returns if they do not sell well within the 6 months at our expense for shipping.  Wow was my thoughts exactly. We would have considered it as a test if we could pick and choose some of the geographies to try and not have to commit to all the 2000 + stores.  They would also credit a percentage of each invoice for marketing and promotions. It sounded like consignment to me.  No win win there. 

Another national department store was willing to try my line in 2012 however wanted us to pay $45,000.00 to access their ERP and shipping system.  Once again we would have to meet the inventory demands and pay all shipping costs.  I decided we were not ready to scale that quickly and anyone of those deals could have strained our cash flow and operating costs to the brink.

Therefore, this is the first of many milestones that we are cautiously optimistic about.  Thank you to all our customers, supporters and fans for continuing to buy my products and send us your love.

I welcome any and all your questions about being a working mom, entrepreneur or multi-taker extra-ordinaire.


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