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Fall 2011 Allergy Season Is Upon Us

August seem to fly by as we got ready for Jack first year of JK.   It was a huge deal as we got him all prepared and read for his first day.  Who knew how much gear we would need for JK. We bought new shoes, clothes, a backpack, gym shoes and a new water bottle. It would be a new routine for everyone so it took a wee while.  By the end of August my eczema was starting to flare on my elbows and on my top lip from blowing my nose.  Fall and ragweed are the worst time of year for me.  Eliminating dairy I have been able to better manage the outbreaks and my nasal congestion. For the first time in years I only have 2 small dry patches on my elbow.   I use my Soothe cream to help with the itching.  

My son Jack who is now 4 has had a really stuffy nose and a few bumps but very minimal outbreaks of eczema for the first time this fall in his wee life. Fall is usually the worst time of year for him and we have been able to manage his itchiness and moisture religiously with all my products.   As he is a picky eater I have not been able to eliminate diary completely.  Although the many doctors kept telling me there is no correlation between diet and allergies we are living proof that for us that is not true.  Please trust your own instincts in knowing your body and your own reactions. 

I would love to hear how you are managing your sensitive skin this fall?  Drop me a line at and you could be a winner of Rejuvenate Daily Moisturizer.

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