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Where Has The Time Gone

My company struggled with supply chain issues, packaging issues and conflicts in many of the areas that my ingredients are grown in; Africa and Asia mostly.  As the ingredients are organic I also struggled to get the same quality of ingredients for each batch.  Grape seed oil for instance is usually golden and we were receiving supply that was greener in colour.  Extremely frustrating as I explained I cannot have a different colour batch every time in production.      

I did decide to make some changes to the scent of all my products based on customer feedback. We received a question from one of our customers Christian about the scent. “Has your formula changed at all in the last couple of years? I just seem to remember a more distinctive lavender scent?”

My response “yes we have been reducing the scent over the past few years.  The feedback I received from customers was that the scent was too strong.  Our customer’s expected a natural product to be scent less.  They were often surprised by the strong lavender fragrance.  My compromise was to use organic lavender oil as a neutralizer to the natural oils we use in my products.  Hence you can't really detect the lavender.  It was a tough call but because we are a natural product line it made sense for our customer base.”

I continue to welcome your comments and feedback on all my products and services.



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