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I recently did an interview for a local paper and one of the questions that made me very reflective was “Why did you decide to start a company”?  

As I reflected on this I thought 2 reasons really. 

8.       I have been in the technology sector for 20 + years and rarely encountered a company doing well by doing good.  By that I mean putting out a software product that made a difference – saving lives, reducing carbon emissions or generally just trying to have a positive impact on humanity.   Most pursued $ and more and more money for shareholders and the executives themselves.   Customers and employees were often a tertiary concern.  I really wanted and needed to believe you could be successful by doing good. By that I mean producing a quality product that does what you say it does and by treating customers and employees with the respect and dignity they deserve.  

9.       The second being I felt so completely helpless and frustrated as I witnessed my son suffering horribly from infant eczema.  I was so completely disgusted by the medical professions 5 minute diagnosis regardless of the pedigree of the specialist and thought there has to be a better way than cortisone and steroids.  As I am a long time sufferer of allergies and eczema is tied to asthma and hay fever, I felt the many natural products on the market did not fully take into account the many plant and natural ingredients that impact folks like me.   

Thus as we enter our third year in business I am more excited and inspired to keep going from the tremendous support and encouragement I receive from our many loyal customers and partners.  We are working on developing an eye cream and expanding our lip balm flavours.

I hope to hear what you would like to see us produce in future.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to 2013.  Bring it! 

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