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Sun Screen Development

Sun Screen Development - for the past 2 years we have tried to develop a natural sun screen with a minimum SPF 30 and h ave been unsuccessful in finding a consistency that I am happy with and would use on my own kids. The net is either the screen is too greasy and feels like a coat on the skin or too zinc link and not natural and organic enough to meet our quality standards. I have decided to put that project on hold as the technology in plant extracts advances and hopefully we find other natural elements that have sun protection properties.  It is a tough decision but I feel very strongly about the quality being exceptional or why do it at all.

Lip Balms - similarly we have been developing an extension of our Moist lip balms and developed a tinted raspberry and vanilla flavor that is 100% organic and made in Canada.   I was sourcing some unique packing ideas and could not find the quality I was happy with for this winters release.


Needless to say it has been a challenging year in the product development side of my product line.  I hope to find inspiration from many of you reading this blog and using my products. Please feel free to email me your ideas on product development or ingredients. I am particularly interested i n any family or cultural traditions that you would like to share.  

I am currently focused on innovative packaging for our products and expanding my product line into defoliants and natural cleansers.

I would love your suggestions on future product development. Send your thoughts to ......

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