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Thanks For The Feedback

The Rejuvenate lotion is the most amazing product I have ever used. I have been trying all sorts of products for a few dry patches on my face with no success, and this has been the only product that has worked. I used it on our oldest daughter, as she has some pretty bad eczema patches and in one use of the lotion it was almost 100% gone.

Dana Garaventa

Nappa Valley, CA USA


I received your product "Rejuvenate" as a Christmas gift this year and love it.  I use it on my daughter daily as she has dry patches in the winter months.  I have tried many products on her but nothing worked as great or as fast as yours.

Recently I purchased an online very popular skincare solution kit.  Within 3 days of using these products I woke up with swollen eyes, a red very itchy rash all over my face.  I took Benadryl for the swelling but my face was red and itchy when I thought I would try your rejuvenate product on my face.  Within minutes my face was no longer burning or itching.  The next day the rash was getting better."


I now want to purchase your "soothe" to have on hand.

Natalie Plante 34 Mother of 2, 

Port Coburn, ON

" My daughter had a very red looked like dry skin but worse. Nothing seemed to help it until I used your cream. I only applied it twice and her ear went completely back to normal. Now...when I see that it looks like it is a bit dry I apply some cream and it prevents it from getting worse. It really was the only thing that seem to help." Angela Hoben

Mother of 2 Toronto, ON 


Thank you all so much for your feedback and support. Please keep sending me comments as it inspires me to continue developing natural products that are the best quality for all members of our families.  Coming soon are our body wash and lip balm.

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