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The Scent

The second is that unscented I did not feel my skin care line accurately expressed the quality of the products we were developing. 

Lastly I listened to my chemist who believed a scented natural skin care line would have more appeal than an unscented.   The next big task was choosing a scent.  Once again I relied on the expertise of my chemist Dr. L. Fernandes. He strongly recommended an essential oil with healing powers that was calming.  Hence we choose organic steam still Lavender from France. Now I know there was no way we were going to please everyone and lavender is a very common artifically enhanced scent - meaning - companies use lavender oil and chemically enhance it to smell stronger and linger longer.   Not at all like "real organic Lavender oil that is steam stilled."

Lastly the wonderful healing power of lavender for a variety of skin conditions including; eczema, sunburns/burns, cuts/wounds, scars, acne, wrinkles, athletes foot, insect bites/skin allergic reactions, cellulite, chapped skin, cold sores, sensitive skin/rosacea, stretch marks, bruises and razor burn.  Lavender also has anti-bacterial qualities, making it a good choice for germ prevention and oily skin.  It is also an effective insect repellent. 

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