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Tips From A Picky Eater Revealed

Jack is a carb junkie and pretty much only eats  - plain pasta, bread, cereal and crackers.  He did eat fruit but now it’s a struggle too.   I have no idea where the tipping point was as he ate everything as a toddler.  He loved avocado, apples, grapes, broccoli and anything I put in front of him.  Around 4 it all changed as he started to refuse anything of colour or that was good for him (fruits and vegetables).  At 5 ½ he started getting very defiant at trying anything new or different from his carb diet.  The food wars started with my husband demanding he try things and not leave the table until his plate was cleared.   It was horrifying to me.  Food is love for my Chinese heritage and a power struggle over dinner was unheard of.   I was stumped!

Through this chance seating arrangement I sat beside Matt during the wedding reception and asked him what to do.  


Here are his top tips.

10.    Do Not Made A Big Deal Out of Food

11.    Do Not Encourage or Push him to try things

12.    Let him dictate when he wants to try stuff.

13.    Provide lots of opportunity and options for him to try without pushing.

 Key insights

·        If I was forced to try something I would say I didn’t like it even if I did

·        I hated that they made a big deal of me trying stuff or eating stuff

·        I hated the “ You see – I told you so speech “ after trying

·        It was easier and less pressure to push back

·        I hated meal times because of the pressure

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