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5 Corporate Missteps on Leaning In – Are we our own worst enemy?

The things I agree with about her observations. 1.        I have never renegotiated my pay increase with my boss.  For some reason either I was scared or trusted that they were doing their best on my behalf.  2.       I never went around the office self-promoting myself like my male peers.  I just worked harder, was smarter and expected management to notice the effort and reward it accordingly.  For whatever reason I was not crazy about women who always talked up themselves instead of their team.  I still feel this way and am not sure if this has hurt me or...

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Local Paper

I recently did an interview for a local paper and one of the questions that made me very reflective was “Why did you decide to start a company”?   As I reflected on this I thought 2 reasons really.  8.       I have been in the technology sector for 20 + years and rarely encountered a company doing well by doing good.  By that I mean putting out a software product that made a difference – saving lives, reducing carbon emissions or generally just trying to have a positive impact on humanity.   Most pursued $ and more and more money for shareholders...

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Tips From A Picky Eater Revealed

Jack is a carb junkie and pretty much only eats  - plain pasta, bread, cereal and crackers.  He did eat fruit but now it’s a struggle too.   I have no idea where the tipping point was as he ate everything as a toddler.  He loved avocado, apples, grapes, broccoli and anything I put in front of him.  Around 4 it all changed as he started to refuse anything of colour or that was good for him (fruits and vegetables).  At 5 ½ he started getting very defiant at trying anything new or different from his carb diet.  The food wars...

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Probiotics May Improve Eczema

A new study suggests that probiotics may reduce eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, in children.  Probiotics are beneficial bacteria (sometimes referred to as "friendly germs") that help to maintain the health of the intestinal tract and aid in digestion. They also help keep potentially harmful organisms in the gut (harmful bacteria and yeasts) under control. Most probiotics come from food sources, especially cultured milk products. Probiotics can be consumed as capsules, tablets, beverages, powders, yogurts and other foods.  

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Allergy Friendly Pets

Jack went on a school trip to a reptile zoo and fell in love with the turtles and geckos.  I thought it was just a phase. As he understands that anything furry makes him cough and sneeze asking for a turtle or gecko was a sure thing in his mind.  I hoped it was a phase. We started acquiring the equipment needed to house one of these pets and hoped he would lose interest. We were given a 10oz tank and he cleaned it and washed it every day promising to take very good care of his pet.  Then we...

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