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"Diane Lai was one of the best discoveries I've had in years"

Since my family and I were introduced to the Diane Lai products, we found it extremely difficult to use anything else! The way your skin feels due to the purity and quality of the lotions are unparalleled. Diane Lai was one of the best discoveries I've had in years. We weren't able to describe the quality to our friends and family-we just had to let them try it for themselves. I think we've made believers out of everybody!

Kardinal Offishall

Rapper, Producer, Songwriter

Juno Award Winner

MuchMusic Video Award Winner 

Toronto, ON, Canada


"Diane Lai has become a welcome addition to my beauty regime as it's hypo-allergenic natural products work beautifully for my sensitive skin."

Isabella Penelope Paterson

Lifestyle Ambassador

Toronto, Canada

Isabella's blog

Diane Lai Rejuvenate is a miracle in a bottle! It's both strong and soothing. I have dry skin; and as a kid had a condition called Pityriasis Rosea – a skin rash that made me itch. It flares up every now and then. But I'm thrilled to have found a product that works for me.

Dr. Gabe

Psychologist, TV Personality, Extra (NBC) 

Los Angeles, California, USA


I'm always traveling, so my skin goes through the stresses of so many different climate changes. I am so impressed with the Diane Lai products, they keep my skin looking great no matter where I am.

Daniel Johnson

Bass Guitar Player, Stereos Rock Band

Juno Award Nominee – Best New Band, Best Rock Album

On Tour, Across the Globe


"I love both creams... I use the Soothe at night and Rejuvenate for the day. Love it! Love it!  I  love that it is natural and not full of chemicals. I struggle with rosacea and in the cold dry weather I often have flare-ups. The combination of Soothe at night and the Rejuvenate during the day seems to have done the job of keeping me "moisturized" this winter. AND... I had noticed a particular dry patch under my eye brow... and I "slathered" it with the Soothe for a couple of days and the dry patch has completely cleared up! I am thrilled with the results of both products."

Linda Arscott


Fenelon Falls, ON, Canada


Hi Diane,

We met on the Thursday night Golden Globes gifting suite preview. I talked to you about the redness/roseaca on my face and you gave me a bottle of the lavender lotion. Just wanted to say thank you and that I love the product! It smells great and I don't have any reaction to it. I plan on telling my friend, who is an esthetician, about it.

Have a great day!

Alison Hall

Los Angeles, CA



"I won your collection and I'm in LOVE! Everything has a light, fresh, natural scent and is sooo gentle and moisturizing. Thank you again; your product are truly amazing."

 Jenna Doeff

Mother, Wife, Daughter

Niagra Falls, ON


"Diane my wife loves your cream , I love the body wash and my son is using your lip balm sticks everyday, thanks again."

Vinnie Talotta

Father, Husband, Photographer

Toronto, ON


"OK Diane, I'm totally in love with all your products!!!!! Firstly, I've had a dry spot on my lips that would peel and flake and never heal and after what, two weeks of using your lip balm----it's gone!!!!!! NEVER to return! Love love love! The body was is sooooooo amazing! My skin feels so clean after use, I even use it on my face! No drying feeling, no residue, and all the little small dry skin bumps are clearing up!!!!!! Now for the skin creams! My extra sensitive skin loves loves loves them! I have a very dry patch around my mouth and nose, gone! Thanks Soothe! It also worked great on a bug bite I got the other day- Usually I scratch until it bleeds but a little soothe and I never thought about it again! For me that's another miracle! The Rejuvenate is simply splendid! Totally sinks into my face, feels so soft, make up? no problem and even when I sweat I find any moisturizer sort of rubs off my face, like it was sitting only on the top- Well, Not with Rejuvenate! It's like my skin drinks it in! Love love love!"

Libby Borbas

Daughter, Niece, Sister, Friend


"I am a mom of two beautiful boys with severe excema and dry skin who has tried everything. I stumbled upon Diane Lai on the advice of a coworker. I visited the website to see what it was about and was impressed with the product ingredients and thrilled to find that it was all natural. I hated the idea of my little ones having to be slathered in corticosteroids.

I ordered the whole line and am happily surprised and incredibly grateful to be able to say that I am super impressed with the efficacy of the products.

My 4 year old has flare ups with excema patches that are so coarse that they crack and bleed. With traditional creams and ointments it would take weeks to reduce the swelling and redness. Within 4 days of using the SOOTHE on his latest breakout the swelling is completely reduced and patches have almost disappeared!

My 20 month old has skin so dry that he scratches himself to the point of bleeding. We tried all the targeted products for excema for baby skin without success. We used the Fresh in his bath and have been applying the soothe cream afterwards. He's a new baby! In only 4 days he's no longer trying to scratch away at his skin!

Thank you Diane Lai for a superb, natural product line, that works! In the words of my 4 year old "mommy its magic!"

Melanie Groves

Super Happy wife and mom of 2!

Training Manager


"You guys are the best!  I met you briefly at the Oscar suite.  My dad used the little sample and while visiting from Texas, he asked "where did you get this?  This is the only thing that works for my dryness".  =) Happy to be a new customer!"

Lori Burchfield

Daughter Creative Exec 

Santa Monica, CA



"I found Diane Lai's Rejuvenate to be one of the most effective all-natural moisturizers I've ever used. "

Damon Allen

Father, Husband, Son

Ex-CFL Player


"These skin products Rock. They are the very best for repairing weathered skin. They are particularly effective for those with sensitive skin. I love the fact these products don't leave you feeling all oily."

Neal Romanchych

Father Husband Son VP Sales 

Toronto, ON



"This is the only all-natural lotion I've tried that is able to calm my itchy, sometimes flaming eczema.  It works better than any medicated product I've tried off the shelves of drug stores.  It also feels great when it goes on.  I'm so glad to have tried Diane Lai's products -the Rejuvenate Daily Moisturizer lotion, the Moist Lip Balm and the Fresh Body wash as well.  They are all new favourites!"

Sandra Jackett

Mother Wife Friend

Lindsey, ON



"My name is Andrea Luzi. I'm from Hamilton, ON, a teacher and mother of 1 (Anastasia), and I recently discovered your products. 

Both myself and my infant daughter have eczema. I've had it since birth (28 years), as does my daughter (4 months). I've tried everything on the market, both prescription and non-prescription, for mine and my daughter's flare-ups; the prescription products had been effective, but I worried about the chemicals in them. 

Your Soothe and Rejuvenate are not only the best products I've tried for mine and my daughter's skin (there's a noticeable difference mere minutes after applying them), but the natural ingredients make me feel better about what I'm putting on her delicate skin. I had a particularly bad case of hand eczema that began when I was pregnant and continued through the summer and past my daughter's birth, and nothing relieved it until I began using Soothe and Rejuvenate for my daughter's red patches (whatever was leftover from applying on her I would rub on my own hands). 

Thank you for making a product that not only works amazingly well, but also makes me feel better about what I use on my child's skin. "

Thank you,

Andrea Luzi

Mother Wife Teacher

Hamilton, ON



I LOVE Diane Lai Fresh Body Wash and Rejuvenate Daily Moisturizer.  I never thought I could find a body wash gentle enough to use as a face cleanser too!  But I found that! And I thought I couldn’t use this product because I am allergic to lavender. But these have pure organic lavender that I don’t react too.  My skin feels clean, smooth , and refreshed.  I love that Diane originally created these products for her son’s eczema. Because she couldn’t find anything out there that was mild yet effective.  I have sensitive skin too! And Diane’s products are great for it! I think my pores are even smaller.  I notice less blackheads!  And Diane’s products are very reasonably priced compared to other good brands. And they last a long time.

Puja Malani

Daughter Sister Friend 

Self Employed




I was given Diane Lai products by a friend of mine to try on myself and my toddler.  My son like myself has very sensitive skin and is very limited to creams we can us as we both tend to break out in rashes from the so called “hypoallengic” products.

With the weather changing I started to notice dry patches on my son’s face and arms and have now been using Soothe for the past 3 weeks and the patches are now completely gone with no rash/break out in site.  As a mother it is so relieving to finally find a product I can use on my son without the worry of irritating his skin more.

I have also been using it on myself and have notice a dramatic difference in the appearance and softness of my skin without the red blotchy marks that normally appear after I apply any type of creams.  I am expecting my second child and am so relieved that I have been able to find a product that I will not have to worry about applying to our new arrival.

Alison Butler

Mother Wife Exec

Oakville, ON



I had struggled with mild eczema for many years. Having it on my face was an added burden. Visiting doctors over those years has yielded plenty prescriptions but little results. I've used topical creams and drugs namely: fucidin cream 2%, pms-desonide cream 0.05%, Nizoral Metrogel and oral medications; Teva cloxacillin 500 mg, amoxicillin 500 mg and Minocycline HCL 100 mg. None of these ever did the job and sometimes made it worse.

I was so pleased when I discover your Soothe cream and saw results right away. As you can see from my photos the eczema is complete gone! Thanks so much, I'm thrilled and would recommend it to anyone looking for an all natural drug free solution to skin irritations.

Michael Brewster

Health Care Provider

Father of 4

Guelph, ON, Canada


"Diane-  I am letting you know how much  I enjoyed your products, especially the body wash, which smells good and we use on our kids"!

Dave Gordon


Toronto, ON


"Nathan only bathes with Fresh Body wash.... we LOVE the smell of it:)  

Chantelle Sequin

Mother Wife Daughter Entrepreneur

Hamilton, ON 



"Diane Lai's Moist Lip Balm saved my life. I had been using a drug store brand forever...until I found out that it's actually toxic! Organic and all-natural, Diane's products are the absolute best in skin care. Plus, they smell great too. Say hello to your new lifetime customer!"

Samantha Israel 

Mother Wife Daughter Writer

Toronto, ON



Before I came across Diane Lai's Moist Unflavoured Lip Balm I was experiencing dry, flaky lips that had the tendency to bleed they had become so bad at times. I started using the lip balm and within a matter of days I noticed an enormous difference. The flaking was gone altogether and the dryness was substantially improved. Now I carry it with me wherever I go.

Aaron Rosenblum

Son Brother Electrician(work outdoors) Internet Junkie





The Sweet Orange lip balm is amazing!  I get severely chapped lips this time every year and Diane Lai Moist Lip Balm has cleared it right up!

Jennifer Bell

Daughter Sister Friend

Executive Assistance

44 yrs young

Toronto, ON 



Dear Diane,

Wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your product, SOOTHE.  My sister read about you & your products in her local Markham paper & knowing how much I suffer with severe discomfort & itching due to chronic psoriasis ,she ordered a bottle & promptly sent it to me.  At first I was skeptical; however, after just a few applications of SOOTHE

I noticed a dramatic improvement!  The constant itching subsided and the typical raw, red appearance of the psoriasis was greatly diminished. This lotion is definitely well-named; it is the first all-natural, non-prescription product to afford such relief.

I cannot thank you enough, Diane!!  (....and my sister, too.   :  )


Havelock, Ontario

Sandra Dawson



 Dear Diane

Good morning.  I was just sending you an email in regards to your products.  I work at Mom's to be and More and was given some of your products as samples from you and your husband when you came to do training with us.  I have just gotten over shingles and have been using your products through out my journey of healing.  My scars are quite visible but, have faded within the last couple of weeks and hope continue to do so.  Your products have really made quite a difference with the scaring.  I am very pleased with your products and will continue to use them as well as sell them daily to our diverse clientele. 


Kindest Regards

Adelfa Mallabar

Toronto, ON 




I received your Soothe lotion recently as a gift.  I was excited to use it after I had heard that it had been included in celebrity "swag bags" at some recent Hollywood events.

I have used many different products over the years and was very pleased with the results from this lotion.  It was especially effective given this winter's cold climate.  I will tell my friends!



Diana Jarden 

Burington, ON



Hello Diane, 

Just wanted to provide you with some feedback. 

My daughter had a very red looked like dry skin but worse. Nothing seemed to help it until I used your Soothe cream. I only applied it twice and her ear went completely back to normal. Now...when I see that it looks like it is a bit dry I apply some cream and it prevents it from getting worse. It really was the only thing that seem to help.

Angela Hoben

Mother Wife



I received the Soothe lotion as a gift and I just wanted to let you know that my dry patches went away after a few days of using this lotion.  I was very self conscious about my dry patches and other products I used in the past never helped.  I’ll recommend your product to everyone!

Thank you,


Kimberly Gravelle

ON, Canada



I had eczema on my right thumb and it felt instantly better when I moisturized with Soothe.   I now use it daily.

Jacy Lou


Stouffville, ON, Canada


My daughter was suffering from patchy eczema on her face.  Her cheeks were so dry and red. Ever since I started using Diane Lai's Soothe her face has become so supple and soft and totally even in coloring.  I also love the way it smells!  I use it on her everyday!

Anna Shin

Mother of 2

Toronto, ON, Canada


I'm a frequent business traveler staying in some of the well known hotel chains but often get a dry itchy rash on my stomach area. I came to discover that the cause is the strong chemicals used on the sheets and pillow cases.  I take Diane Lai Soothe with me and use it on my trips to prevent the itching. Furthermore, it's the right size to pop in my toiletry bag for security so I don't have to check in my luggage!

K. Hardy

California, USA


WOW! this stuff works great. My very pregnant and very itchy belly didn’t seem to get any relief with some of the expensive creams I bought specifically for pregnancy itch. I tried yours... and immediate relief, and it wasn’t greasy and slimy like the others either. I love the smell of it too! Nice stuff!

Nita Tandon

Model, 8 months pregnant

Ottawa, ON, Canada



I had some dry skin resulting from a burn and your lotion helped tremendously. What I thought was inevitable scarring is getting better each day. Thanks – your Soothe lotion is magical!

John Smid

Managing Partner, 70 Main Street Inc.

Father of 2

Toronto, ON, Canada


I am 36 weeks along now and the “Soothe” is the only thing that I can use to stop my belly from itching! It is great and I have also recently used it on my lips instead of chapstick and it took the dryness away instantly so I’ll be bringing it with me to the hospital. I am sure when I go into labour, I'll need some moisture after breathing through contractions!

Chrissy Graham

Mother of 3 soon to be 4

– 9 months pregnant

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada


Positives: Significant reduced scratching Itchy patches have reduced or lessened (face) or completely gone away (body) Skin is softer and more supple overall.

Negatives: Face still has not healed 100% (still pink) but works on his body

Overall, I love that it is all-natural. I’ve given up on steroids; don’t want to use it at all anymore unless absolutely necessary, but I haven’t used it since the cream.

Janet Chang

Manager, Toys "R" Us

Mother of 2

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada


I had a dry bumpy rash on my upper arms for over 3 years. I tried many different creams, lotions, soaps and body washes including prescriptions from a dermatologist. Nothing seemed to work. I started using Diane Lai Soothe cream and within 3 days I could see and feel a difference, after 10 days it was gone!

Ivy Albania

Office Manager

Markham, ON, Canada


 "I received a full-size bottle of your Rejuvenate face cream at the ShesConnected blogging conference in May. I love the product and want to say thank you. Thanks for producing such a fantastic product! I will purchase more in the near future."


Lisa Blog


Lisa Tabachnick Hotta

Mother, Writer, Blogger


"I want to order a couple of Diane Lai Rejuvenate daily face creams.  I ran out last week and the Clinque M cream just does not cut it.  I have been spoiled."  

Neal Romanchych

Sr VP Sales & Marketing

Father, Husband, Son & Friend


Hi there,

I received a sample of your Rejuvenate moisturizer and loved it! The lavender scent is so refreshing, and the lotion is smooth and never greasy. I live in desert climate, so a good moisturizer is always necessary, and your lotion never fails. Thanks for creating such a great product.

Daina Bader

Texas USA


I really like Diane Lai skincare line. I've used many moisturizers, but most of them haven't really impressed me until I started using Diane Lai Rejuvenate Daily Moisturizer. I especially like to apply it after I shave as it helps prevent razorburn. As a frequent traveller I particularly love the 100ml size that I can take as carry on. 

Dale Mehta

Father Husband Frequent Traveller

Toronto, Canada



My son at 2 months developed eczema.  I followed the application of baby cortisone as prescribed by our GP and was also diligent in removing any possible triggers that would cause flare ups.  However with cold winter weather, the flare ups and irritations did reappear.  I continued to apply the baby cortisone but was frustrated with the results and was shocked to learn what it contained.  I then tried soaps, lotions and creams that were marketed for babies with sensitive skin and eczema which resulted the flare ups to worsen and cause more discomfort to my son especially at night.

 Then I tried both Soothe and Rejuvenate.  It was comforting to know that the ingredients are all natural.  Within a couple of days there was a noticeable difference in my son's skin.  Now I use Rejuvenate daily to moisturize my son's skin and Soothe to calm his flare ups.  I sleep better now – but most importantly so does my son.  Soothe and Rejuvenate are wonderful products and I trust nothing else on my son's skin!

Shirley Bernardo 

Mother of Jakob

Toronto, ON, Canada



I won a giveaway of your Rejuvenate Daily Moisturizer and have been using it for almost 2 weeks and I love it. My skin feels soft and refreshed and moisturized with a fantastic scent. I love this product :)

Keely Booth

Mother of 2

Bradford, ON Canada


I put Diane Lai Rejuvenate on some very dry, scabby spots on my partner's back (very irregularily for about 3-4 weeks) and they disappeared without a trace!!! I love your lotion and tell all my friends about it.

Sue Hubert

Retired Teacher, 66

Toronto, ON, Canada


I am HOOKED on your rejuvenate product! I have very sensitive skin and it is also such a hassle finding a cream that will moisturize my face without making it break out or feel oily and your cream is perfect for that! I also began using it on the back of my upper legs as I ALWAYS get razor burn back there and its really helped to moisturize that area and lessen the appearance of the razor burn!

Thank you so much for creating this awesome cream!

Hayley Arnold

Student Dalhousie University

Halifax, NS, Canada



The Rejuvenate lotion has to be the most amazing product I have ever used. I have tried all sorts of products for a few dry patches on my face with no success, and this has been the only product that has worked. I used it on our oldest daughter, as she has some pretty bad eczema patches and in one use of the lotion it was almost 100% gone.

Dana Garaventa

Mother of 2 Wife Daughter

Napa Valley, California, USA


I LOVE the Rejuvenate and have been using it daily on my face for 2 weeks.  It is one of the best products I’ve ever used on my skin.

Bill Symon

Business Development Manager, Nulo

Austin, Texas, USA


My little one’s eczema appears with the cold weather and i am using your lotions! They work!!!! Absorbs fast with a nice light scent! thanks !!!

Sonya D

Mother of 2, Artist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Rejuvenate is a fabulous product that leaves my skin feeling soft without the benefit of petro-chemicals, parabens and many other chemicals that I am highly sensitive to. Scents are also a problem for me and the organic lavender oil is yummy.

Judith Walmsley


Toronto, ON, Canada


I’ve tried at least a dozen moisturizer/after shave products to address the unfortunate combination of sensitive skin and a tough beard. After finding a salon product, I stayed with it for over 7 years until I found Diane Lai Rejuvenate. It’s a superior product, and I think it’s terrific. Rejuvenate is an excellent consistency, not at all oily, absorbs wonderfully and keeps my face hydrated and prevents razor burns and bumps, which is my primary concern.

Shawn Y

Consultant, 32

Toronto, ON, Canada